70-1070AD The Elegance of the 70-1070AD Millennium

Just because one has some correct ideas does not mean all his ideas are correct. Max King is magnificently correct in making the 30AD Cross to 70AD Return connection, while embarrassingly wrong in regards to his 30-70AD Millennium, (which leads to Universalism, LINK). Gideon was fantastic in his victory over the Midianites, but devastatingly dissappointing in his later idolatry. Conversely, just because someone is off on some things does not mean he is off on all things. A humble man will learn from everywhere he can, (Job 34:3 1 Thessalonians 5:21). Only Christ, the Word of God who became flesh, is the only man who is 100% correct 100% of the time with 100% of the explanations & answers. But that's why we need eachother, to allow Christ via the Holy Spirit to teach us, moving through one then another as the Spirit wills to do so (1 Cor 14:26-32). And we recognise Christ among us by His Word. Here's an excerpt from something I e-mailed last night to someone about this:
Someone might ask, "What do you think of simplifying it down to '30-70AD Millennium' vs. '70-1070AD Millennium'?" Now some have attempted to characterise the 70-1070AD Millennium as Partial-Preterism because we both declare that the 1000 years begin at 70AD rather than end there. But what distinguishes the 70-1070AD Millennium from Partial-Preterism is that it announces the end date of the 1000 years residing in our past already. The reality of it is that by putting an actual end date on the completed Millennium, it brings it all under the umbrella of "the past" (preterist) and avoids the unsatisfactory, worn-out, classic "Preterist v Partial-Preterist" stale rehash. It shows that if "Partial-Preterism" can make an adjustment towards a 100% completely fulfilled eschatology, then perhaps the 30-70AD Millennium crowd, ("Full" Preterism), could make an adjustment of similar magnitude and we find ourselves in a newfound powerful agreement in the middle: a happily united front of fulfillment eschatology.
What is so elegant about this adjustment towards a 70-1070AD Millennium, also, is that this adjustment clears up so many of the unnecessary and loathsome byproducts of "Full" Preterism (30-70AD Millennium) such as: unorthodox soteriology (universalism) and non-corporal, Gnostic-like deviations from orthodox resurrection. (I'm confident the Reformers approve of neither deviation). It also eliminates the betrayals of the time-text hermeneutics (J.S. Russell) that deduce the 70AD Return in the first place.
Additionally, the 70-1070AD Millennium delivers the full goods that Partial-Preterism falls short of. It pays respect to the glory days of Orthodox and Catholic, as well as to the Reformation. It agrees with Premillennial Return of Christ, while insisting upon Jesus' generation as the generation that saw Mat 24's fulfillment. It rejoices with the hope of Postmillennialism, but is free of its futurist loose ends. And it provides Amillennialism's millennial-agnosticism with a truly reasoned, credible, satisfying and long longed-for answer: we can know, we do know. And it opens up a new frontier of study: How the hand of God moved through the ages to forever establish Christendom in the dominant world position and bless ordinary men, thus satisfying the Historicist school while careful to point out to the delight of Idealists that all these fulfillments in physical history actually point towards the movements and glory of God from the unseen, invisible realm of the Spirit.. We get powerful internal support of Scripture-Scripture, convincing external support of Scripture-History, and a strong eschatological frame upon which sound, time-tested, classic theology handsomely fits.
  1. Jesus said He would Return with His Kingdom & Power before all those who heard His preaching died, Matthew 16:28 & Mark 9:1
  2. Jesus raised up the Dead in Christ first as He Returned at the Last Day, John 6:40 & John 6:54 & 1 Thessalonians 4:16
  3. Rev 20:1-10's 1000 years began at this raising up of these Dead in Christ, the First Resurrection of Revelation 20:4-6
  4. This 1000 Years was as a Day with the Lord = Day of Judgment = Day of the Lord = Day of God which was still future as of the writing of 2 Peter 3:4-12
  5. The Rest of the Dead were raised up at the end of this 1000-year-long Day of the Lord, Revelation 20:5a, in agreement with the ancient Church Creeds of the Middle Age.

Fuller outline ne found at: Brief Surveys of Last Day Timeline

Ultimately, what we're trying to do here is to proclaim the message of Christ to the modern generations that live in the 3rd Millennium since the Gospel's first proclamation among men.
And this is love, that we walk after Christ's commandments. ~2 John 6