New Testament Eschatology Timeline

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Premillennial Full-Preterism
PreMill FP
God has proved Himself completely faithful by fulfilling every one of His prophecies as He promised.
Rev 16-18 Jesus' closest Disciples saw Jerusalem compassed with armies, then knew that the desolation thereof was nigh when war erupted with Rome in AD66. By the fall of AD70, Jerusalem's house was left unto her desolate, and there was not left there one stone upon another that had not been thrown down of the Old Covenant Temple, just as Jesus had prophesied, Mar 13:2-4, Luk 21:5-7, Mat 24:2-3. Revelation, the words of that prophecy written by John to the seven churches which were in Asia, envisioned this beforehand as the Fall of Babylon.
Rev 19:1-10 The AD70 Fall of Babylon marked the beginning of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, Mat 22:1-8.
Rev 19:11-16 The AD70 Fall of Babylon marked the Return of the Lord Jesus Christ and the coming of His Kingdom with power, Mar 9:1, Mat 10:23, 1Th 4:13-17.
Rev 19:17-19 The AD70 Fall of Babylon marked the beginning of Christ's subjugation of the Beast, (Roman Empire), etc.
Rev 20:1-3 The AD70 Fall of Babylon marked when Satan was bound, cast into the Bottomless Pit, shut up and sealed for the next thousand years, Rom 16:20.
Rev 2:4-10 The AD70 Fall of Babylon marked when the blessed and holy ones, the first of two groups of souls came to life. This first resurrection is also called the Resurrection of the Dead Just, Act 24:15, the Resurrection of Life, Joh 5:29, and the rising of the dead in Christ and Rapture, 1Th 4:13-17. Christ's Return to Earth was completed fully, finally and gloriously under the escort of said raised/changed Saints thus ending their Tribulation. Said resurrected/raptured Saints reigned with Christ from the Beloved City for the thousand years mentioned in Rev 20:1-10. This was the Day of Judgment, Day of Visitation, Day of God, Day of the Lord, 2Pe 3:7-14. * In AD1070, a thousand years of world history after the AD70 Fall of Babylon, the rest of the dead came to life, Rev 20:4-6, as described in Act 24:15 as the Resurrection of the Dead Unjust, and in Joh 5:29 as the Resurrection of Damnation. In AD1070, Satan was loosed out of his prison for a Little Season, Rev 20:7-10. It was manifested in world history as the dark age beginning AD1070 and ending with the Reformation, envisioned as fire from God. Since then Satan is being tormented in the Lake of Fire forever and ever, Rev 20:10.
Rev 20:11-15 The AD70 Fall of Babylon marked the beginning of the continuing Great White Throne Judgement.
Rev 21-22 The AD70 Fall of Babylon marked the beginning of the continuing New Heavens, New Earth and New Jerusalem. This Holy City, Holy Jerusalem, Bride of Rev 21-22 is the Beloved City of Rev 20:4-10 from which Christ and resurrected Saints reigned throughout the thousand years Millennium and, having survived the Little Season that followed, reign now and forever and ever.