<--OLD HEAVEN, EARTH, JERUSALEM   NEW HEAVEN, NEW EARTH, NEW JERUSALEM FOREVER AND EVER ------------------------------------------------------>
<--------------------"The Age That Now Is"   "The Age to Come"---------------------->
30 to 70AD 
Cross until the Return of Christ 
Christ & Saints Persecuted 
Satan Roamed Freely 
Last Hour of Old Covenant Age 
First Hour of the New Covenant 
Exodus from Old to New 
 Millennium  Gog & Magog  Forever and Ever Continues-->
 70AD to 1070  1070AD until the earliest Fires of the Reformation  
 Resurrection of the Blessed until Resurrection of the Rest of the Dead  Resurrection ot Insurrection until Fire from Heaven  Ungodly subjugated Forever-->
 First 1000 Years  of Reign of Christ & Saints  Reign of Christ & Saints Surrounded by Enemies  Reign of Christ & Saints Continues
 Satan Bound  Satan Released  Satan Removed Forever-->
 Day of Judgment, Day of the Lord, Day of God, Last Day Rest    
 Taking posssession of the Promised Inheritance